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It is true that you do not legally need a solicitor to buy property in Turkey. However, it is also true that you can waste a lot of time and money buying or trying to buy property without help from a Solicitor. Obtaining legal advice from a professional and reputable legal firm when purchasing a property provides reassurance and is money well spent.


As an independent company with considerable personal and professional experience of the Turkish property market and the pertinent law, we will use our expertise to guide you through the buying process to ensure you achieve a successful property purchase. We strongly advise anyone buying property to engage a solicitor to deal with the conveyancing. The solicitor will guide you through the procedure and ensure all the necessary checks are carried out on your behalf. This way, any potential problems and risks will be identified as early as possible to help ensure they are avoided, eliminated or suitably mitigated, so your purchase proceeds safely to completion. 


We can make an appointment for you with an English speaking Solicitor that we trust for an initial free consultation and the decision is up to you as to whether or not to utilize their services. We can, alternatively, help guide you towards and liaise with other solicitors of your choosing. We have, over the years, been involved with many sales and purchases and have used different legal firms. It is our obligation and duty to recommend a reputable and credible Lawyer to represent our clients when they make the decision to purchase or sell a property.


The typical cost for a solicitor to carry out conveyancing is £500 - £750.

This fee will include all your property checks such as confirmation of:


  • Due diligence report concerning your chosen property or land

  • Deeds being unencumbered by debt

  • Deeds not being the subject of litigation

  • Who has the right to sell the property

  • Deeds lying within the municipality boundaries

  • Land status

In addition to the fees will be costs for:

  • Notary fees

  • Stamp Duty

  • Surveyor fees

  • Expenses incurred whilst obtaining requested documentation from the authorities


Our recommended Lawyer has valuable experience and knowledge in all areas of Law and has an outstanding reputation for offering professional advice to both corporate clients and individuals.  He can provide advice on all legal matters. As well as consulting and carrying out the necessary procedures regarding purchasing/selling property, drawing up sales contracts, and or other.

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