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Once you have purchased your dream property look no further for someone to manage it. Whether you wish to keep the property for your exclusive use or whether you wish to receive additional income by renting the property we can ensure you will be satisfied with the care and attention  your property receives.  As locals ourselves, we know the best places to purchase furniture, curtains and  accessories and we will be more than happy to accompany you and assist with this task, ensuring you receive the best prices and that no communication problems are encountered relieving you of the stress so frequently associated with moving house.

For a small fee, we will:

  • Ensure all utility bills are settled (this assumes you make funds available to us),

  • Act as a Key Holder for emergency callout

  • Make regular visits to check and air property, providing a report of any weather/other damage

  • Attend annual residents meetings (most sites hold an AGM) on your behalf and provide a summary of the minutes in English for your review

  • Attend to any necessary repairs, cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance, welcome packs,  where necessary (pending customer reimbursement).


To utilize our Property Management Services you will need to provide us with the following:

  • A copy of your title deed and passport(s)

  • Name/phone/address of an emergency contact

  • Copies of your insurance documents in case required in an emergency. If you don’t currently have insurance we can arrange this for you.

  • Keys to all doors.  

  • Details of dates you wish to be kept free for personal use for family and friends

  • Full inventory of your holiday home (but we can organize this for you if necessary).

  • A signed contract which will be sent to you by us when you instruct us to manage your property

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