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Foreigners (whether or not resident) may purchase land and property in Turkey in their own names provided that the properties/land are not in a restricted military zone.  This is checked by application to the land registry and is a requirement for all foreigners purchasing real estate in Turkey.  It is the responsibility of the seller to apply for this but the cost is met by the buyer and will be added on to the final payment on completion of the sale.  This permission is required even if you already own a house in Turkey as the search is done on the property not the person.  The requirement may be waived under certain circumstances, in which case the clearance is granted immediately. Otherwise the process adds 4-6 weeks to the purchase.

 In order to purchase the title deed (tapu in Turkish) of a property, an application has to be submitted to the local Land Registry Office responsible for the property. After carrying out necessary searches and checks, the transfer of the title is done by the Land Registry Office. During the transaction, the proofs or the documents concerning the transfer of the full purchase price into Turkey must be presented to the Land Registry Office.

Stamp duty is currently payable at the rate of 4% of the agreed sale price, divided equally between the purchaser and seller and is due and collected during the title deed transfer. However, it is increasingly  common practice in some areas to see a shifting of this payment entirely to the purchaser. This should be agreed in advance between the parties and stated in the contract.


KPC can assist and support clients who prefer  to buy a plot of land and build a bespoke property.  Our involvement means that even whilst you are not in Turkey the project will be overseen by our professional,  trustworthy  team.  

After securing your plot the next step is to sit with a design team (which we can help with) to decide what you want. Our team will help you to create a vision of your dream home using up to date architectural software. The unique construction process that we use allows you to create any style, whether it be modern or classic, on one two or three floors, with balconies and terraces. We pay particular attention to unusual shapes  or particular requests such as how many sockets you want in the every room, where placed etc . Dedicated builders will then begin to construct the house in accordance with your personalised building contract which details everything to do with the build: costs, materials, technical specifications, etc.  You can choose your kitchen, bathroom, tiles, appliances from the comfort of your own home or from our office using product samples and catalogues.

We can :-


There are some good reasons why you may consider buying off-plan. It’s possible of course that all of these reasons may not apply to your individual situation, but nonetheless here are some of the advantages.


Buying off-plan, provides the smart investor with substantial benefits. It can seem daunting when you can’t physically touch the end product. There are dangers as described, but rest assured that all of the properties we endorse are rated and not offered to our clients  unless they meet our strict criteria.

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